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Rachel Catt is Interviewed for Law Week Colorado Article, “Testing the Boundaries of Marriage”

Previously published in Law Week Colorado.

On June 22, 2020, Rachel Catt, Owner and Principal Attorney at the Law Office of Rachel Catt, LLC, was interviewed for an article published by Law Week Colorado: “Testing the Boundaries of Marriage.” The article discussed two cases to be reviewed by the Colorado Supreme Court which will impact the rights of same-sex couples in relation to common-law marriage. Rachel provided valuable insight as to the importance of these cases, and how they will further define the Lucero Test, which helps judges evaluate whether cohabiting partners should be legally recognized as having a common law marriage. 

The article discussed the use of various measures of common law marriages, and how they might be adapted for same-sex marriages. Catt called attention to the need for more inclusive standards in the judicial system concerning the norms of same-sex marriage. Colorado often defines common law marriages based on the behaviors displayed by heterosexual couples. 

Approaches like the Lucero test, however, fail to account for the differences between heterosexual and homosexual married life. While heterosexual couples often share a surname, file jointly for taxes, and present openly as a couple, many same-sex couples do not engage in these norms. Some differences are cultural, but others have been risky or legally impossible for same-sex couples.

Catt points to the high court as a potential source of clarity for lower courts. If a federal court lays out standards for defining common law same-sex marriages, lower court judges can draw on the precedent for future cases. 

Rachel Catt has been working in family law since 2002. She represents both LGBTQ+ and traditional families in court and dispute resolution, helping them find solutions for complex family law issues. If you are navigating a family law dispute, the Law Office of Rachel Catt, LLC, can help. Call us today at (303) 756-3867 or reach out to us online to schedule your appointment and begin resolving your family battles.

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