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Rachel Catt Publishes “How the COVID-19 Crisis is Complicating Colorado Divorce and Custody Issues”

Previously published in Law Week Colorado.

On June 24th, 2020, Rachel Catt, Owner and Principal Attorney at the Law Office of Rachel Catt, LLC, published, “How the COVID-19 Crisis is Complicating Colorado Divorce and Custody Issues,” in Law Week Colorado. With COVID-19 putting pressure on both marriages and the legal system, family law is facing new challenges going into 2020. 

Divorce rates in non-pandemic times already hover around 40% for first marriages, but with couples confined together in close quarters for months, that number is poised to spike. In conjunction with a legal writing team, Catt identified several serious obstacles for family law and a number of solutions moving forward. 

Custody will be complicated by periods of social distancing. Parents and children need to find ways to protect both the physical and emotional well-being of their children throughout shelter-in-place measures. Essential workers may have to review pandemic custody guidelines, and Catt recommends the use of pandemic clauses in custody agreements.

Wait times for divorce, court dates, and hearings may increase, but as legal experts become more comfortable with virtual technology, the possibility of remote court dates, virtual mediation and arbitration, and streamlined online applications means that the face of family law may be forever changed.

Rachel Catt is an accomplished family law attorney. Since 2002, she has been helping both traditional and alternative families find legal resolutions. If you and your loved ones need experienced family law counsel or representation, the Law Office of Rachel Catt, LLC, can help. Reach out to us online or call us at (303) 756-3867 to schedule an appointment today.

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